Brite-Saber Illuminator

When Bright Isn't Bright Enough!

The Brite-Saber Illuminator LED Utility Lantern is designed to provide much needed illumination when you need it most, whether it be a truck bed, UTV bed, trike trunk or even under the hood!

Two adjustable rare earth mounting magnets can be configured so that the light can be installed in countless locations. With the included RF remote control, it can be easily turned on and off from a distance.

Advanced Accessory Concepts Brite-Saber Illuminator Mounted UTV
Advanced Accessory Concepts Brite-Saber Illuminator LED Utility Lamp Remote

RF Wireless Remote

We design and manufacture Brite-Saber lighting products utilizing the latest LED technology, thoughtfully designed and strategically engineered for years of trouble-free use. Available with wireless RF remote!

Use the Brite-saber LED to illuminate the entire bed under a tonneau cover. Mounted in the front of the bed where it helps the most, the remote allows it to be turned on and off without having to climb in and reach it. Mounted at the rear it is easily accessible for use as a utility light.

For camping, use it to illuminate an entire tent when mounted to the ceiling. The remote lets you turn it on and off without having to leave the comfort of your sleeping bag.

The magnets make it convenient as a work light in an engine bay or under the vehicle, they are adjustable in and out on the battery tube and also swivel around it. This allows mounting on different sized and angled surfaces. The beam is more like a fluorescent tube and not as directional as a traditional flashlight. This gives a pool of light over a larger area much making it much easier to work on projects without having to move the light around.

Brite-Saber Illuminator

When Bright Isn't Bright Enough!

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